Siru SDR20 wireless video link

This demonstration video shows a video link that Siru Innovations has designed. The video link is part of the 4KREPROSYS –project in which Siru Innovations is developing a wireless LTE based waveform and radiosystem. This video demonstrates that Siru’s SDR20 development platform can be used as a video link (basically UDP in and UDP out in this video) and HD quality video is being transmitted.

In the video, we are using a simplified demonstration waveform in so called ”software mode” to proof the concept. The LTE based waveform is already designed and tested in the software mode with GNURadio (open source development software for Software Defined Radios) and is now being synthesized to a LTE based stand alone system based on SDR20 development platform using Siru Innovations innovative synthetization tool flow.