About the project

4KReProSys project aims at investigating and developing a new integrated cost-effective approach for the production of 4K TV content covering the needs from indoor studiob production up to difficult outdoor large and mobile events such as Olympics or cycling and car races.

The evolution of multimedia content and associated services towards improved user experience must rely on higher resolutions and more immersive and interactive formats, but this will be possible only if the production of such contents will be economically viable and fully compatible and scalable with the production of traditional content formats. Unfortunately, current production technology and systems are the results of an “ad-hoc patchwork” of different components based on often non-compatible or non appropriate legacy technologies that need to be deployed in the field with very heavy and extremely costly logistic means.

New emerging powerful technologies such as HEVC and Internet/IP based wired and wireless communications capable of supporting large bandwidth transmission such as the one needed for TV content production up to resolutions of 4K and beyond, for 3D or multi-view settings are the motivations to rethink and re-design the essential components of the production infrastructure providing higher resolution rates and advanced formats as well as new functionality.

The project will focus the investigations and developments on the integration of HEVC and IP based communications carrying both content and service signal for both wireless and wired production components. The goal is to study, develop and experiment in the field, production systems that will support ultra high definition and advanced multi-view formats for indoor and outdoor mobile settings where thanks to the new approach the location of the TV studio infrastructure traditionally deployed in the field becomes a “virtual” component that can be locally or remotely deployed according to the best logistic solution of the specific production.