Funding Organizations


Introducing the DGE

Under the authority of the Minister for the Economy and Finance Affairs, the DGE is tasked with developing and implementing government policy for industry, the digital economy, tourism, commerce, craft industries and trades and services. The DGE’s 1,300 members of staff work nationally and regionally in our network of DIRECCTE to promote business start-ups, growth, innovation and competitiveness for companies of all sizes in France and abroad.

The DGE works in close partnership with businesses and business representatives including trade organisations and federations, chambers of commerce, industry and trade and support networks. Combined with the DGE’s knowledge, these partnerships make it possible to perform joint assessments before introducing the appropriate government policy.

Three sector departments :

  • Industry department
  • Digital economy department
  • Tourism, vommerce, crafr industries and trades, and services department

Three cross-sector departments

  • Competitiveness, innovation and  business development
  • Local,regional, european and international action plans
  • Secretariat-general


The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI)

The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI within the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER is the Swiss federal government’s specialised agency for national and international matters concerning education, research and innovation policy.

The SERI has 250 members of staff and controls an annual budget of around CHF 4 billion. The head of the SERI is State Secretary Mauro Dell’Ambrogio.


State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI
Effingerstrasse 27 CH-3003 Bern
T +41 31 322 21 29


Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation

  • Tekes is the most important publicly funded expert organisation for financing research, development and innovation in Finland.
  • Tekes boosts wide-ranging innovation activities in research communities, industry and service sectors.

A broad-based view on innovation

  • Tekes promotes a broad-based view on innovation: besides funding technological breakthroughs, Tekes emphasises the significance of service-related, design, business, and social innovations.

Funding for challenging R&D and business development

  • Tekes works with the top innovative companies and research units in Finland. Every year, Tekes finances some 1,500 business research and development projects, and almost 600 public research projects at universities, research institutes and polytechnics.
  • Research, development and innovation funding is targeted to
    • projects that create in the long-term the greatest benefits for the
    • economy and society. Tekes does not derive any financial profit from its activities, nor claim any intellectual proprietary rights.


  • Budget: 600 million euros annually
  • Personnel: 360 in Finland and abroad
  • Public agency under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy


IWT wants to encourage Flanders to innovate. It do this in various ways:

  • Funding: IWT finances innovative projects of companies, research centres, organizations and individuals through assignments set by the Flemish Government.  In 2008, it paids out 297 million euros to Flemish innovative projects.
  • Advice and services: IWT supports all Flemish companies and research centres. It helps them during their applications, it provides technological advice during their innovative projects.  It acts as the national contact point for European funding programmes and it assists them in transferring their technologies throughout Europe via the Enterprise Europe Network.
  • Co-ordination and networking: IWT stimulates collaboration by bringing innovative companies and research centres in contact with Flemish intermediate organizations that stimulate innovation. It do this via the Flemish Innovation Network (VIN), established by IWT.
  • Policy development: IWT supports the Flemish Government in its innovation policy. It studies, among other things, the effectiveness of the Flemish innovation initiatives.

IWT supports all types of innovators in Flanders:

  • Companies: IWT supports all companies that are actively innovating, from small start-ups to multinationals with a branch in Flanders. It pais specific attention to SMEs, which are so characteristic of businesses in Flanders. They can count on IWT not only for additional funding, but also for more guidance during their innovative projects and their applications for funding.
  • Research centres: individual researchers as well as large research centres can contact IWT for the appropriate support. It offers them funding, advice and contacts with potential partners for innovative scientific research, applied research and technology transfer.
  • Organizations: IWT provides financial support to organizations that stimulate innovation in Flanders. IWT also unites these organizations via the Flemish Innovation Network (VIN). As VIN co-ordinator, IWT align the various actions of its members to facilitate the active support of innovation in Flanders.